Article 1: A Learning Journey of leadership

With over 8.7 billion internet connected devices, the internet is the biggest advancement humanity has ever seen, and with 38 Million Scouters and Guides around the world, being able to talk to someone on the other side of the world once would have taken weeks can now take a few milliseconds.  ScoutWired feels that the most natural way for young people to interact is to play together, this allows cross-cultural and international collaboration to build and shape the in-game world around them. We hope that by building ideas and connections in game this will help give young people the basic tools to shape the real world of the future. We recognise that one of the biggest and scariest moments in a Scouting/Guiding career is going on your first international camp. We aim to get the feel of an international jamboree on our network at all times and especially during Jamboree Of The Internet (JOTI). To get the ‘buzz’ of a real jamboree while sitting at home. Our aim for the future is to have team members and users, in every country that has Scouting, and to be able to reach out to each of those people so they know they have a safe and secure way to communicate. That is our ultimate goal…… but to get to our goal requires a journey, and it is a journey that we cannot walk alone.

Learning by Design is a 4 stage learning system, and starts with the basics of experiencing things that students/trainees might already know, and then discovering something new. We work on concepts firstly by giving them a name, then thinking about the theory behind it. We review and analyze both the functionality of the concept, and then critically thinking about how to use the concept and then we look into critical inquiry and research the concept to greater understanding. Then we apply them creatively and appropriately so that we can assess outcomes based on ongoing understanding and mastery, rather than competence at time of assessment.

We feel that the most natural way for young people to interact is to play together…”

ScoutWired is offering a learning journey for those young and older Scouters and Guiders, using a learning and development platform that incorporates the ‘Learning by Design‘ pedagogy with Scouting/Guiding principles. ScoutWired is only new to the world and every week we are growing and innovating. Our youth leadership model is designed to allow young Scouters and Guiders from around the world learn the skills and talents required to work and operate in a live business, from entry level positions all the way through to real life experience in business governance. With mentors from all walks of life to support training, learning and development of young people and guide them through taking the first steps into organizational leadership, our goals are to work together to build confidence and skill preparing young people to undertake leadership roles in the local and greater community or in business and enterprise.

Since the commencement of ScoutWired we have created a safe, fair and multicultural environment on our highly popular Minecraft server with our current population of over 600 individual players and team members. We have recruited an experienced adult support base to build the foundations of professional conduct and operations, as well as to provide learning and development assistance in our ScoutWired Training, Learning and Development Team and Technical Services Team. In the period of 2016 to 2020 ScoutWired is working on generating and creating a new digital frontier for Scouts and Guides. Our plan is to investigate and provide suitable, safe and secure online environments where Scouts from around the world, can play, interact, communicate, build and share ideas and innovate in a youth leadership organization with adult support.

ScoutWired TLD Coordinator- Rizzen