ScoutWired COVID-19 Action Plan 2020

The ScoutWired leadership team is currently following global trends related to the social and educational impacts of COVID-19. We are aware of local and global quarantine plans that will impact Scouting and Guiding members across multiple jurisdictions, so we have come up with an action plan to assist our users and members during this time.

  • Discord has already increased maximum numbers for live streaming and voice chat from 10 to 50 users simultaneously connected. ScoutWired has existing policies on moderation and observation for those streaming, and as such we will do our best to accommodate for the increased traffic we will see during these periods.
  • ScoutWired Minecraft will have new social elements, including a number of possible different server types, including an open world survival starting from scratch.
  • ScoutWired TLD will have members available to assist with schoolwork, host an assignment lounge, and run workshops for secondary and tertiary students.
  • ScoutWired will look at opening Shattered Exile early with the intention of adding coding workshops into our list of options for users.

As part of our global citizenship, we would like to remind users that ScoutWired is the safest global online platform for Scouts and Guides, and that other providers do not have the same level of training, security, and experience in managing online communities.

ScoutWired also would like to remind our users and members to follow increased hygiene practices through this time:

1.   Make sure you use anti-bacterial wipes to clean your mouse and keyboard at least once per day.

2.   Make sure you use anti-bacterial wipes to clean your headset, headphones, and microphone after every use.

3.   Clean your mouse pad at least once per day.

4.   Keep your devices clean, use anti-bacterial wipes at least once per day.

5.   Do not share touchscreen devices, or video game controllers without using an anti-bacterial wipe between handovers.

6.   Make sure that if you are increasing your screen time due to work or school quarantine.

a.   Take Breaks.

b.   Have down time from screens with alternative activities.

c.   Stretch and walk around regularly.

7.   For those who are not used to being home and being autonomous.

 .             There are high risks of procrastination when this is a new routine.

a.           If you are binge watching tv while you are working, make sure that you have at least a 45-minute uninterrupted work-time period between episodes to maintain work traction. 

b.           Try to limit screen time to blocks of 1 hour, then have a 10-minute break and do some exercise.

c.           Make a daily task list and stick to it. If you have work/study requirements, get them done first as a priority.

8.   Remember to eat properly, junk food will lower your immune system and make being sick harder on your body.