immortal levels

-=[  The Levels and Life of a Creator  ]=-

1.01  Introduction

Being a creator is not all it is cracked up to be. It means hard work, and a constant craving to code, and improve upon not only his/her own coding ability, but improve upon the mudlib as a whole for players.

Without players, we do not have a mud. Remember that it is for players that you are coding. So when you code, think like a player as to what you would like to see, what you would like to be able to do in a room, with an item, or with a suggested action. Then, balance that out with what you know is allowable by the administration. This is why we expect you to have a basic understanding of how the game works, what the core ideals of a MMORPG are, and have some basic Dungeons and Dragons like game experiences.


2.01 Promotion.

There are many things you can do for the mudlib, and many areas you can work in. But we all have to start at the bottom, and work our way through the hierarchy. No one can simply start at ADMIN (accepts the MUDLIBs creators). We all have to start off coding rooms, monsters, and armor, proving we are capable of programming, and working as a team.

To be granted promotion you must meet the following criterion and have it approved by at least 2 ARCHONS..



As a ASPIRANT candidate, you will be required to have reached at least player level 30, and be at least 16 years of age. This will give the Immortals an idea that you know how to play the game and have some skill in game play. You’ll then be required to join the ScoutWired team as per the recruitment process, and complete the compulsory training modules. Once you have been promoted to APPRENTICE, you’ll be able to start on your first piece of work: Your Workroom.

You’ll be assigned a mentor and they will ask you to complete the following tasks:

  1. Complete the workroom- with at least 3 exits, 1 object to look at and a sign to read
  2. Make a basic weapon
  3. Make a basic piece of armor
  4. Make a basic mob
  5. Code a basic 10-15 room area with a basic story line
  6. Complete a review of code by their mentor
  7. Ask for player testing to commence in the area (as it won’t be coded directly into the game play area)
  8. Have the area completed

Completion of these tasks and approval from your mentor will result in promotion to WIZARD.


A promotion to SAGE is only done by approval. To be promoted to SAGE  you must do the following:

  1. Complete a 20-30 room area with a basic story line
  2. Have at least 1 boss appropriate for the area
  3. Create an item of ‘better than average’ quality designed for the level of the area
  4. Have the area checked by your mentor
  5. Have your area uploaded to the game and made available for players to access.


As a LORD is the owner of a large continent of game space. Promotion to this security level is only done if the creator can show the following:

  1. Complete and construct at least five areas of 30+ rooms and the adjoining map between the areas
  2. Construct the join to theses areas that will either a) add to an existing continent or b) form a completely new continent
  3. Have mentored at least 1 applicant to WIZARD



A creator who wishes to become an ELDER must meet the requirements of SAGE, and have done so for a period of no less than 3 months.

ELDERS are required to undertake a number of important roles:

  1. Looking after a guild as a coder
  2. Assisting SAGES and LORDS with their code
  3. Assisting with other player related projects as leader of team builds.



The ANCIENTS are immortals who have shown great skill and ability in their role.

Their primary duties are:

  1. Begin a Guild Master- looking at balance, abilities, storyline and RP as well as the guild’s participation in the world
  2. Crafting new guilds that would enhance the player’s gaming experience and add diversity to the world
  3. Mentor other coders in the building of the world




Those who show wisdom on mud matters, with players, creators, and the mudlib, are granted this security access. Only on special occasions is this level

granted. No creator can ask for this level. It is given to those with demonstrated exceptional skill.



These are the top coders of the game. Having spent the time and are part of the leadership team of the game. Promotion to this level is by ARCHON approval only.



These are the executives of the MUD and in charge of the entire creator team, with Brocando being the Team Leader of the ARCHONS.


3.01 Do’s and Don’ts.

As a creator you are expected to code. If you fail to do so within three months of being granted your role, then you will be placed back into the player populace at the approximate level you entered left it. Your code should stick roughly to the guidelines set out by the ARCHONS. If it does not, then it will not be allowed to be used by players.

Mentors approve code. Code must be approved by them before it is allowed to go into use by players.

You are expected to involve yourself with players. Talk to them, watch them fight. Enquire about their skills and spells.

You are not allowed to alter anything within the players skills, levels, abilities, weapons, armor, killing or playing abilities (which includes movement messages, alignments, etc). Anyone found doing this will be instantly placed into the player populace.


You should not divulge information about the strengths of monsters, or other items (such as weapons, armour, etc), or information about quests, or special areas of players play, as players have their own way of gathering such information about these things. You may, however, if someone asks you about it, give a ‘vague’ idea perhaps.


> Rincewind asks: How much is my ac?

> stat rincewind

> Rincewind the Utter Newbie (Lawful Good)

Wc: 3, Ac: 1, …etc

> Angel says: It could be better

> Rincewind wears platemail

> Rincewind asks: How about now?

> Angel says: Much better Rincewind


Angel knows that wearing platemail means he is better protected, without even using a stat. He could have said ‘better than before’, or tell him

something he would/should know himself like ‘you still don’t have much armor on. perhaps you could do better with more?’


You should not use your privileges to annoy players or creators. Nor should you use them to invade their privacy. If someone wants to be left alone, then leave them alone.


Test characters are always helpful. But he should never be allowed to be a higher level than other players currently playing, nor should he be used

by anyone else but yourself. If you ask other players to help you test your code you may not alter their stats, or current playing abilities. You may heal them before and after. They may not, however, take unapproved items into the general mudlib. They may keep any exp granted to them by the test. If you accidentally kill them, then fix their stats, and exp, if

you can, and mail an ELDER or ADMIN about it. If you can’t fix it, ask someone who can.


If you ‘dest’ someone accidentally, and their equipment disappears then please see to it that a higher security level creator sees to this problem. If there are none, then see that the player receives most of the items back. If you think that the items are excessive for the player then explain that the item is rare and that you cannot give it to him/her. He will have to ‘quest’ and ‘search’ for it again.

Money problems are always a nightmare. Never give a player back money that he has apparently lost. Explain that this is simply not mud policy to do so.


4.01 Conclusion.


It is in your best interests to know what is contained here within this file as this outlines many important aspects of the access/security within the mud, and how you fit into it as a creator. If anything herein is unclear, or you wish to discuss items of uncertainty, please see an ARCHON .