ScoutWired Online Gaming Association Inc. (A1023660V) is a not-for-profit incorporated association registered as a private company. (Our ABN and other details are available on request)

Our legal person advised us that we need to put some details on here to explain some of the very important details:

  1. ScoutWired is not an NSO. We cannot/do not register people to be Scouts or Guides.
  2. ScoutWired is not directly related, or a sub-division to any NSO.
  3. ScoutWired does not directly report to any NSO.
  4. ScoutWired provides services specifically for NSOs, but this isn’t limited to Scouting or Guiding people.
  5. ScoutWired team members are vetted and checked, trained and assessed, and are equipped to make decisions and take actions as required of their roles prior to commencement of their role.
  6. ScoutWired has a 2-teir management system.
  7. ScoutWired has the right to refuse access to our services, individually or entirely, to ANY person for ANY reason.
  8. ScoutWired has the right to revoke membership based on our Policies and Rules which are compliant with international Human Resources standards, and is based upon Australian Industrial Relations law.
  9. ScoutWired has the right to refuse appeal to bans once implemented. Once we have advised of the refusal, NO FURTHER CONSIDERATION WILL BE TAKEN INTO.
  10. ScoutWired has the right to make changes to our services as required. It is not our responsibility to provide notification to users, or change logs. Individual users should be checking our notification systems, twitter customer service feed, and Facebook page.
  11. 90% of ScoutWired services are free, excluding the purchase of Minecraft, Factorio and any other games that are hosted on our services. ScoutWired does not provide users with free copies of games.
  12. ScoutWired Discord chat is carefully moderated. The rules are strict for protection of users.
  13. ScoutWired users have the rights to make a few choices. To follow the Scout/Guide law and promise, or to not. To follow our rules for our systems, or to not. And, to behave appropriately online, or not. ScoutWired has the right to remove users who do not make good choices, follow instruction from staff or team members, or act outside of our organisational values and code of conduct.
  14. ScoutWired has the right to not respond to correspondence related to bans from our services.
  15. ScoutWired’s information systems policies and privacy policies protect the data provided to our systems by users. ScoutWired does not provide data, metadata, or any other details to other parties.
  16. ScoutWired operates under company law, and as such has all the rights and responsibilities of a company. We take things like Libel, Slander, and IP/Copyright very seriously and as such we have policies and rules around anti-competitive activity, IP theft, and data security.
  17. ScoutWired has the right to use any media, pictures, or other intellectual property it creates on any of the platforms as part of their online social media and marketing campaigns. If you have an objection to any posted materials, please contact us.
  18. Under our privacy policy, users wanting access to their data need to contact us so we can explain how to get access to that information.
  19. Information relating to reporting for Discord is now available here.
  20. These points were last updated on 26.08.2019.