Minecraft- Survival Server

Dear Minecraft Users,

The ScoutWired Minecraft Admin team have decided that we are going to be making some changes to Minecraft.

As of March we are looking at updating to the most recent version of Minecraft, and have almost finished the updates and development of our security plugins and server side functions to maintain our high level of security and stability.

We have also made the decision that we are going to close down the Survival server for now, while we look at developing our Faction server for our open-world server.. We have not made this decision lightly, and the decline in regular users and the massive disadvantage to new players compared to older players has been the key points that user asked about often.

With the participation rate of our previous wide-games during JOTI, and other events we’ve hosted in the past, we anticipate that the launch of the Faction Server in the future will bring new and exciting challenge for Scouts and Guides to overcome working together in factions, with the element of competition for resources.

Existing users who want  to save their Survival buildings or creations can click on this link and complete the form, or send a ticket to the Minecraft team via our helpdesk (www.scoutwired.org/contact-us) and we will assist you. This form allows users to request the build to be transferred to the Creative on a plot, apply to moved the build to the Jamboree server, or to have the build converted to a file for use elsewhere. If you have any questions please send through a ticket on our helpdesk.

*We have extended the deadline for applications to 28/02/2019. The process of reviewing applications will commence from the 11th of Feb and will be actioned as part of our server migrations. User who have applied will be notified when their application form is completed. We are expecting to complete the server transitions by the end of Feb and close Survial mid March allowing the maximum ammount of time for users to be able to transition.


Games Coordinator