Online Safety

Our Safety Measures

At we strive to provide all the fun of an international Jamboree from the comfort of your own home. One part of this is ensuring that our online servers are safe spaces for anyone to enjoy. We have worked hard to make our services safe spaces and will continue to focus on this in the future.

In the context of Scouting, keeping children and young people safe from harm encompasses all areas of child and youth protection work, and includes a full range of strategies, systems and procedures that aim to promote that the well-being, development and safety of children and young people is a priority in all Scouting-related activities.

In accordance with the WOSM ‘Safe from Harm’ Policy, ScoutWired is an advocate for online Scouting activities. This means that we evaluate and scrutinize our servers and services when we make changes, introduce new content, update or innovate on existing technologies, and most importantly on security features and data protection. ScoutWired is a registered incorporated association and has mandatory reporting for data/information breaches or theft, along with robust policies and procedures to manage data and information.

Child and Youth Protection

ScoutWired provides online services that meet the following standards:

  1. Protecting children and young people from abuse-  Provide barriers to abuse by having a ‘no 1-on-1’ policy.
    1. Private or Direct messaging is either disabled or logged across our services, with server side barriers.
    2. ScoutWired has instructions on their website to assist with Client side security for services such as Discord, assisting users to increase their own personal security level.
    3. There are no hidden areas and no ability for unsupervised situations on any of our servers or services.
    4. All areas of ScoutWired have moderators who are trained and have an understanding of policies and procedures for reporting illegal activity, and managing users who act inappropriately  on our services.
  2. Preventing the impairment of a young person’s health or development- Modelling good behavior online for all users and applying our Scout Law and Promise to our actions.
    1. ScoutWired has a training, learning and development team to support our team members in their development, as well as ScoutWired’s user base and other Scouting/Guiding friends and partners by offering support for youth programs in relations to online safety and good online behaviors.
    2. Have a trained support team with policies and rules to govern our team’s behaviors.
    3. Have a human resources team to provide internal support for team members and users to access support.
    4. Provide team members to model appropriate online behavior for users, and moderate and encourage wholesome interactions, and discourage anti-social interactions and behaviors.
  3. Ensuring Scouting is providing children and young people with a healthy environment in which they can grow and develop- ScoutWired provides a safe, protected and moderate online space for users.
    1. We can not rehash this often enough,  ScoutWired’s services are the most superior in terms of internet and online safety.
    2. The online Scouting environment has the highest risk of becoming toxic and infiltrated, putting young people at significant risk of harm from intentional or unintentional interactions, and this is why we DO NOT use services such as IRC/MIRC/XChat/Skype or any other programs that allow users to have 1-on-1 time and space.
    3. We DO NOT promote other online activities or providers who host/manage services that do not have the same level of safety and security as our own.
    4. If two people are online on our system, the system logs all interactions and in the case of Discord, the interactions are public and visible.
    5. Our team moderates text chat and group chat discussions, removing inappropriate and distasteful content, and making sure that interactions and conversation is respectful and relevant to Scouting/Guiding members and young people.
    6. ScoutWired is a place for young people to learn how to interact online in a safe, secure, and moderated space.
  4. Taking action to promote the safety of children and young people in all the possible situations- having policies and procedures to manage reporting, taking actions to risk manage, and building relations with law enforcement agencies and professional youth services agencies.
    1. ScoutWired has robust policies and procedures for providing law enforcement agencies with information.
    2. ScoutWired has team members who are teachers, councilors, educators, legal, and academic trained individuals who support our organisation’s youth leadership and adult supported leadership model.
    3. ScoutWired team members are trained on how to complete incident reports and effectively manage incidents.
    4. ScoutWired’s management team meets regularly to manage risk and maintain our high level of safety.
    5. ScoutWired’s board of directors meet regularly to maintain policies and procedures, and systemic aspects of our organisation.

Resources and ScoutWired objectives

Please feel free to take time to read through a summary of our measures to ensure our users’ online safety:

  • has a child protection policy that outlines our strict stance on protecting young people. You can view it here. ScoutWired Child Protection Policy
  • We have a dedicated Training Team who provide every single one of our team members with training on not only technical details of their department, but on child protection and it’s importance to our community.
  • Every single one of our members is a current member of Scouting and has undergone checks and verification of membership with an NSO prior to commencement as members.
  • As per majority of NSO policy and rules, ScoutWired does not provide any personal details, email addresses or information to any third party entities. All staff members who have access to any personal details of any user are subject to NSO regulations or have signed a non-disclosure agreement.
  • All members who are elevated higher than the status of user are required to complete mandatory Child Protection and Network Security, and User Management training prior to appointment in which they are assessed on dealing with issues related to bullying, online sexual predatory occurrences, general complaints and the polices and procedures used in our incident reporting system to document and record all unlawful and anti-social behavior on our platforms.
  • Because of the variation in mandatory reporting legislating around the world and the large variation in laws, we are not required to report directly to law enforcement. Our system is well set up that we can provide authorised law enforcement agencies, once verified and we receive the relative paperwork, any information related to any incident, reported or unreported, as all activity on the systems are logged, as there is very minimal opportunity for private messaging that is not recorded or logged.

If you ever have a safeguarding issue, or experience a child protection issue on our network please don’t hesitate to speak to any member of our team, or email


If there are any issues regarding any members of the team please contact,

If the issue is with anything non-related to a user or team member please contact:


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