Pokemon- Online Battle Competitions


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Pokemon Sun and Moon Tournaments


  • To be eligable to participate in a tournament you will need:
    • A copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon
    • You’ll need to be registered with the Pokemon Global Link
    • You’ll need to register for the event
  • Some basic info:
    • A competition won’t be held unless the number of entries reaches 20.
    • A QR Code will be displayed on the competition details page after you log in to the Pokémon Global Link. In order to participate and battle in the competition, scan the QR Code in your game.
    • Ranking calculation will start around 6 a.m. (UTC) for competitions that ended at midnight (UTC). Ranking will be calculated for competitions in which 100 or more people participated and battled.

Next Event:  ScoutWired JOTAJOTI Global Champions

  • All ages battle royale
  • 22/10/2017 UTC 00:00 – 23:59
  • max 30 battles