ScoutWired AGM rules for participants

  1. ScoutWired is an incorporated association- The only people attending the AGM that are eligible to speak are the Council members.
  2. Team members wishing to ask questions at the AGM can do so through the request of their primary Coordinator, or by request of the meeting chair person.
  3. This means, if you would like to ask a question you will need a Council member to ask on your behalf. We strongly suggest asking in the #meeting-chat channel if you would like someone to ask your question.
  4. There are no additional items to add to the agenda. We will not be accepting agenda item requests. All agenda items are pre-approved at the executive and council meetings prior to the AGM.
  5. Coordinators are not obligated to ask questions on behalf of users and will not table agenda items for users to speak to.
  6. Please be mindful that the AGM is time limited, and repetitive questions and irrelevant questions will be ignored.
  7. As per our constitution any changes that required the vote of our team members; needed to be destributed at least 2 weeks prior to voting at the AGM. Proxy and postal voting details pubished at the same time.
  8. Users and non-team members are classed as observers and are unable to request to ask questions.
  9. Any person who attempts to misrepresent themselves at the AGM will be removed from the channels.