ScoutWired Discord Chat

ScoutWired is dedicated to trying to connect Scouts, and after a long and deep investigation into the safest and securest platforms ScoutWired has launched a text-only Chat Service on Discord.

If you are interesting in helping us moderate the public chat channels on Discord, please send us a recruitment ticket in the contact-us page.

JOIN US ON DISCORD: Click/Tap Here!!

or Click on the ‘Join Server’ on the Widget if the link is broken.

To download Discord for PC: Visit their website

To download Discord for iPhone or Android: Visit the store and download the app for FREE!

Click HERE for our page on how to secure Discord for maximum safety


  • ScoutWired has disabled PM/DM between users on the server, this is to increase the level of security for users. Users can BLOCK users from their end by clicking their name on the user list and selecting the option from the pop-up menu.
  • The ScoutWired Discord server is auto-moderated for NSFW content, the system will not allow it to post to the channel.
  • ScoutWired does not own the Discord Server, any DM/PM logs between users who have ‘friended’ are not retrievable by ScoutWired. If any illegal activity occurs in PM/DM, please contact your local Law Enforcement provider.
  • ScoutWired will ban any user attempting to send unsolicited friend requests. Please report the user directly to a Team Member, or submit a ticket on the contact-us page
  • The ScoutWired Discord server requires users to have met the following conditions to be eligible to join the server and chat:
    • You must have a registered account with Discord
    • You must have verified the account with a valid email address or phone number, and owned the account for longer than 5 minutes- You can then join the SW Discord Server
    • You will be required to wait 10 minutes (A timer will appear) before you can post your first message (this only happens when you first join, not every time you join). The 10 minutes is a security measure imposed by Discord for the MLAT reporting as part of their law enforcement requirements. While you are waiting;
      • Check the Pinned messages in the channels
      • Check the FAQ channel
    • Once you have done this you will be able to post any time to the channels you can see.

Discord Rules:

  1. YOU are responsible for anyone that you allow to use your computer, phone/device or your nickname on the server
  2. Please uphold the Scout/Guide Laws and Promise
  3. Keep topics PG13
  4. Language specific channels are for that language only
  5. The ScoutWired teams and Team Members are not to be ‘pinged’ for attention without a valid reason
  6. No posting;
    1. Personal information (full real name, age, address, email address, skype details, phone numbers, etc)
    2. Social media details (Facebook, WhatsApp, LiveMe, SnapChat, etc)
    3. Friend requests- Plain an simple, if you are reported to SW team members for begging for friend requests on Discord you will be banned permantently from our server
    4. Anything inappropriate or distasteful
    5. Anything about other online Scouting/Guiding service providers
  7. Follow instructions from ScoutWired team members
  8. No sharing details for file sharing or p2p torrenting
  9. No non-ScoutWired approved games
  10. No all caps in the chat area this is considered shouting
  11. No asking or begging to be a moderator- apply through our contact-us page
  12. No attempting to impersonate a SW team member