Discord Reporting

This is a quick guide to reporting for Discord.


ScoutWired understands that there are cases where online activity requires law enforcement to be involved. Our legal guys were asked about this recently at our team meeting, and here is what they had to say:

One of the main reasons ScoutWired chose Discord as a platform back in 2017 to connect Scouts and Guides together was to eliminate the ability for predators, abusers, and those who plan on taking advantage of others online.

Every user on Discord, has a unique ID. The ScoutWired server has a timer on it, so that users have to wait 10 minutes before they can start posting in channels. This is designed so that Discord’s server captures that unique ID. Unlike IRC or many other online programs, this feature is not available. The only information that can be provided is the IP address that the person was using, and as most Law Enforcement bodies will tell you, this is UNRELIABLE information due to the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Every message on Discord has a message ID that is retrievable by ScoutWired, Discord AND Law Enforcement. Even deleted messages can be retrieved from the system if required. This means that the logged messages are unadulterated. Log files by programs such as mIRC, X-Chat, and most other IRC/Webchat system, use a notepad log file. These files are editable, and Law Enforcement bodies can have issues where the log files from two machines are edited and don’t match, making them inadmissible in evidence. Chat sites that use web/mobile app interfaces to connect to other services such as IRC do not log content.

Discord is transparent in their safety and security features. ScoutWired chose this for a reason. Our rules may be harsh, and in most cases the only people who have issues with our rules are those who are out there to do the wrong thing. Our goals are simple:

  • Connect Scouts and Guides in a safe environment
  • Have rules that are meaningful and conform to the Scout/Guide Law and Promise
  • Keep it PG13
  • Keep social media, and platforms that are used for abuse away from Scouting
  • Set an example of global citizenship online
  • Have fun meeting other scouters and guiders from around the world

In all cases, we ask that you contact us if something goes wrong on our server. You can always get hold of us here

If something goes wrong outside of ScoutWired’s server, this guide can assist you with reporting.

You can use Discord’s Guide for getting the ID codes we talked about at the start of this page.

Once you have the ID codes, you can go to Discord’s Trust and Safety reporting site: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

By reporting to Discord, their team can follow up with any issues that are not ScoutWired related.

This process applied if you would like to report directly to a Law Enforcement body. ScoutWired has trained team members who can assist Law Enforcement bodies in dealing with any incidents that occur on our systems.