ScoutWired G-Suite Group Account: Terms and Conditions of Use.

ScoutWired’s currently policy around COVID-19 is to provide safe and secure online services to Scouting and Guiding around the world. Scout and Guide Groups from any country are able to apply to ScoutWired for a temporary Group Account. Approved Group accounts will have access to the ScoutWired Google Suite Enterprise server.

Groups who are approved will have access to the following:

  • A ScoutWired Group email account- used to login to Google Mail and Google Suite
  • 50GB of cloud storage for storing documents, photos, and files
  • Access to a collaborative Groups folder, where groups can share with other groups; documents, photos and files
  • Enterprise level access to WEB-MEETING, LiveStream, and @Call hangouts
  • Access to tech support and other digital scouting partners, and our team members to help them with this new frontier or online Scouting/Guiding

ScoutWired will provide this to Groups for no cost, but we would like you to follow us on social media, especially our Facebook.

We have conditions for our Group accounts:

  1. One account per group.
  2. The person who signs up for the account is responsible for the account.
  3. ScoutWired can monitor documents, emails, and activity on the account therefore any unlawful account activity will be referred to law enforcement.
  4. Abusive, Offensive, Distasteful, or Unlawful content that is discovered will be reported to the Group’s NSO.
  5. We ask that you download and setup Discord (, and join us on our Discord Server for direct access to our team and support services.
  6. ScoutWired has the right to remove access to Groups who abuse their account.
  7. Group accounts are not permanent, and will last only as long as the COVID-19 threat level by the World Health Organization remains at HIGH RISK
  8. ScoutWired has the right to reject applications where the application is not genuine, contains fraudulent information, or is incomplete.
  9. Group Accounts are subject to our Privacy and Acceptable Use Policies.
  10. ScoutWired is GDPR compliant, we expect our Group account holders to be aware of their online activities as well and keep good controls for the use of the account.

Applications for our Group accounts are available here.

The legal bits:

The above terms and conditions are a commercial agreement between ScoutWired and the Applicant. They are social in nature, and therefore not enforcible in any jursidiction. In consideration ScoutWired is providing something for nothing without consideration from the Applicant, and any considerations provided would be refused. ScoutWired has the right to terminate an application at any time without reason. ScoutWired has the right to refuse any application in which it chooses without responding to the applicant. Refused, terminated, or incomplete applications will be deleted every 24 hours and will no longer be retrievable by our system or the applicant. Any issues or questions: visit our support site.