ScoutWired HOTS- Rules

ScoutWired does not host this game, and therefore all users are subject to the rules of play set by Blizzard.

Not all characters are available all the time, so play lots of games to become familiar with as many different characters are you can!

ScoutWired does have a number of requirements for players joining a ScoutWired event or team.

  1. Scout Law and Promise is top priority
  2. Good Sportsmanship is a must
  3. PG13 Language
  4. 1 leader/adult member per team MAX!
  5. No inviting Non-scouts to join teams, games or events without a SW HOTS Judge’s approval
  6. Versus AI or Custom Games only
  7. AI to be set to ADEPT setting only
  8. Teams are to be registered through the SW HOTS Help Desk system prior to participating in any seasons, or events
  9. Do not flood or spam the SW TeamSpeak server
  10. A SW HOTS judge’s decision is final in the event of a dispute settlement
  11. You are NOT required to pay for characters, skins, mounts or anything in the game to play, but we do ask that you use our ScoutWired TeamSpeak server to talk to your team as you play

ScoutWired Team registration rules:

  • Teams of 3 – 6 players (5 players max per team in a match)
  • Any AI’s filling in smaller teams must be set to Adept
  • No rude, abusive, offensive team names
  • E-sport seasons will last 8 weeks
  • During a competition season, each player is eligible to join only 1 team.
  • Players may not swap teams during the season, however can leave or join another team prior to the start of a season.
  • After week 5 of a season, you will not be able to register for competition for the current season, and will be entered for the following season.
  • Special events that are not part of normal season play do not count to season scores
  • Special event teams are separate to our competitive season, however the above rules apply. Once a player is registered with a team for a special event, they cannot change teams for the duration of the event. This does not impact team registration for normal season teams during the event period.
  • Any team changes must be submitted to the HOTS team via the Contact US ticket system, prior to the commencement of the first round of the season.

Team registration requires the following:

  1. Send a ticket via Contact Us to Heroes of the storm department
  2. Include your team name, your team member’s Full Names, their id tags, their scout group name, and what you are registering for (season number, event name, etc)
  3. The HOTS team will reply with your registration confirmation, and your appointed Judge for your matches.

Use Versus AI as training

Teams should be using this mode for training and practice. Games held in this mode do not count towards season points.

Custom Game

Teams will be required to compete in their season matches using this mode. We strongly suggest you practice using the ‘Versus AI’ mode prior to the start of the season or during the season to work on your team skills, and play.

Official Matches

Each team will be required to participate in an observed match. At least one team judge must be present to validate the match as an observer.

The match may be live streamed, so others may watch and listen to the judge’s commentary.


Win = 1000 pts

Lose = 250 pts

Judges can award team bonus points:

  • 250 pts for teamwork
  • 250 pts for activating a boss
  • 250 pts for good sportsmanship
  • 250 pts for both teams for good play

This means that it is possible to score up to 2000 points per match!

Judges can award team penalty points:

  • -250 pts for steamrolling a single channel
  • -250 pts for bad sportsmanship
  • -250 pts for cheating or using unapproved AI’s
  • -250 pts for offensive or unscouty behaviour
  • -250 pts for having an unregistered player on your  team
  • -250 pts for having more than 1 leader/adult member on your team
  • -250 pts for poor team work
  • -250 pts for a player leaving the game during a match and not returning to play

This means that it is possible, that even if you win, you could lose points.

Scores can be in the negative! This means you would need to work hard to get yourself back into the positive!

  • There will be prizes for the winners of each season. Season winners will be the team with the highest number of points at the end of the season.
  • Prizes will vary from season to season, and season winners will be listed in the Hall of Fame board on the website, and have the opportunity to enter