Shattered Exile Rules


The aim of the mud is for you to have fun and enjoy yourself. In order to make it pleasant for everyone, it is necessary that we have a few rules
which must be followed.

1. Be nice. Be nice to players and Immortals.

2. Spamming is NOT permitted in any way.

3. Swearing is not permitted, keep the chat PG13

4. Do not attempt to hack or crash the mud.

5. Do not exploit bugs. Please report all bugs and typos.
(Use the bug, typo, idea and soul commands)

6. There is no player killing below level 10. Once you are level 10, you may kill and be killed by other players within a range of 7 levels of yours for experience. However, if you have a lot of experience (enough that would put you above level 10) you are killable below 10. Killing a player outside of your PK range does not yeild experience.

7. You must enter a valid email address, and all of your characters MUST have the same email address listed. Even if you have multiple email
addresses, only one should be used for characters on Shattered Exile. If the email address becomes invalid, use ’email’ command to change it in ALL
your characters. Failure to have the same email address in all characters may result in limited banishment of them all.

8. Impersonating another player by putting in their email address is not allowed. Listing another person’s character when asked for a
list of yours is not allowed.

9. Multiple characters are allowed, but:

  •  They are not allowed to interact with each other in any way, nor use GUILD POWERS of one to assist
    another – an example being, scrying with a mage, then logging in another char to kill the scry’d one.
  •  It is legal to spot a character by being in the same room as them, log out that character and return with another.
  •  Double playing is not allowed. Sharing equipment between them is not allowed.
  • Hitting the same monster with more than one character is not allowed.
  • Collecting items for a quest and using them with another character is not allowed.

10. Use of bots, macros and triggers is not allowed.
This includes movement macros where you don’t have to hit enter.

11.  If you place a quest item in the guild chest, it then belongs to the guild, as does any other equipment placed in there.

12. Immortals are not allowed to help you in any way. This means:

  • Giving you information, patching you, monsters or other players to aid you,
    Giving you items which are not your prize from a wizquest, or healing your character.
  • If you ask one immortal for something, and they say no, do not ask another for the same thing.
  • One immortal speaks for all.
  • Immortals are not allowed to dest you or harm you in any way if you have done nothing wrong.
  • Please report all illegal immortal interference.

If you have trouble understanding any of these rules, please ask an immortal.

If you see anyone blatantly breaking these rules, please tell an immortal.

If you need a rule to be clarified, please ask an immortal.

We are in Alpha mode.

This means that the game is not complete, it was being repaired and is in a current state where players can actively play. There will be errors, please log them. Chats and PMs are all logged, they can be retrieved by the Immortals.