Shattered Exile

Shattered Exile is a fully online text based MMORPG (like Dungeons and Dragons)

While this game is under development, it has some legacy. It contains parts of a number of old MUDs (multi-user-dungeons), Tides of Darkness, Ritual Sacrifice, and our own Shattered Exile.

The game is broken in some places, this was a backup from a 2004 copy we still had in archive. This gives us a few opportunities.

  1. new game for players that is simple and easy to access that is free to play
  2. an opportunity for people to become game coders and learn the LPC language which was the precursor to java

Ideally we’d like to see more players than coders to begin with, as we would like people to get used to the world and interactions before trying to become coders. So we’d like to see regular participation for at least 6 months before accepting new coders.

Connecting requires a program: Mudlet

  • Download the program
  • Install it on your device/computer
  • When you run it the first time you will get a connect screen
  • Create a new profile: Shattered Exile
  • Server address:
  • Port: 4000
  • Click the connect button
  • Once you have done this once, you will get a button for it in the main list
  • Once you have connected you will the get login screen
  • First time users will need to create a new Character
  • Accounts are password protected
  • Once you have completed your character creation you will enter the game
  • The game has no graphics, so it is important to read everything that is on your screen
  • Good Luck, Have Fun, Adventure awaits