Training Structure

Training Team:

Head Trainer- Mentors senior trainers and junior trainers, and assesses students

Senior Trainer- Assess students/trainees, and mentors junior trainers

Junior Trainer- Mentor students/trainees

Students/Trainees- Anyone enrolled in a course with the TLD team.


Current Courses:

*Compulsory pre-appointment units for all postions

  • Child Protection and Network Security
  • User Management

*Training Team Units

  • Becoming a Trainer
  • Using Glogster and Moodle
  • Marking Keys and Rubrics
  • Training the Trainer- Senior Trainer course

*Minecraft Units

  • Minecraft Mod Course
  • Command Terminology
  • Minecraft Ops Course
  • Minecraft Admin Course

*Tech Team Units

  • TCP/IP & Hostmasks- Basics
  • Command Terminology

*Administration Units

  • Help Desk Ticket System Course