Training Team




Training, Learning and Development.

Three very important parts of Scouting.

The WOSM triennial report encourages Scouting to develop in the area of being a non-formal education organisation.

At ScoutWired we are planning for the future. Online Scouting is growing exponentially and is annually encouraged during the JOTA/JOTI weekend, and our team is always preparing for some amazing activities and events to hold over the year leading up to JOTA/JOTI, so that Scouts around the world have the experience and the resources to make their annual event as awesome and interactive as possible.


ScoutWired Training:

Our Training Team is comprised of youth and adult members. Our courses are their to provide support and knowledge to our members and other teams as well as our users. We pride ourselves on using innovative methods of delivering training by using multi-modal learning tools and systems. Most importantly, we believe that training should be fun and exciting, as well as interesting and engaging……. just like Scouts.


ScoutWired Learning:

Our Training Team has developed a system of non-formal learning based on the teaching literacy pedagogy called “Learning by Design”.

This is a 4 stage learning system, and starts with the basics of Experiencing things that students/trainees might already know, or discovering something new. We work on concepts, firstly by giving them a name, then thinking about the theory behind it. We review and analyze both the functionality of the concept, and then critically thinking about how to use the concept. Then we apply them, creatively and appropriately so that we can assess outcomes based on ongoing understanding rather than competence at time of assessment.


ScoutWired Development:

Our Training Team has the very important role of assisting in providing support for technology. We are learning new ways to do things as well, and most importantly how we can shape our learning outcomes into making ScoutWired bigger, and better, and more inclusive for Scouts around the world to come and share their experiences and resources and innovations with everyone.









































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