Step by Step Guide to Installing TeamSpeak PC

  1. Visit

  2. Download the correct Version of Teamspeak for your PC:

    If you are unsure what type of windows you have hit the 32-bit option
  3. Once TeamSpeak has finished downloading run the installer.
  4. Hit Next
  5. When you reach this screen you must scroll through the EULA and then ensure you have clicked the checkbox. Then Click Next.

  6. Now you can choose an install location for most users you do not need to change this. Click Next
  7. You may be given to opportunity to install Overwolf at this point. installation of this software is optional and if you change your mind it can be installed at a later date. Click Install
  8. Wait patently for the program to install. you could have a cup of tea or a snack at this point….
  9. Once the install is Finished (and you have finished your tea or snack) you can Click Finish to launch TeamSpeak 3