Privacy Policy + Logging

Here at ScoutWired we believe that your data is yours and yours alone and we respect your right to privacy  BUT we do operate a Full logging policy as follows:

  • All emails sent Via the ScoutWired system are Logged
  • All Connections to our Web Services are Logged.
  • All communications Via our VOIP client TeamSpeak are Logged and a moderator is present in every active channel during JOTI.
  • All “Private”, Public and Command messages sent Via our Minecraft Server are logged. As well as all signs placed.
  • All messages Private and Public sent via our webChat service are logged.

This Policy is in place to protect the young people and adult volunteers in our Network. By logging all communications we are able to provide evidence for any allegations brought against any user of our system and pick up on issues before they become issues.

We operate this policy under the following constraints:

  • All Data is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Data may only be accessed by Trained and authorized members of the Tech Team or Council.
  • Data may only be accessed as part of an internal investigation or if requested by Law Enforcement Officials.

For more information please email


Kimono Dragon

ScoutWired Coordinator